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Hudson Technologies uses an aqueous cleaning system

If building a green supply chain and creating more sustainable products is important to you and your customers, why would you buy deep or shallow drawn enclosures from any other manufacturer?

Hudson Technologies takes its commitment to be a good steward of the environment seriously. And we're walking the talk. Our environmental management system is ISO 14001:2004 certified. Our environmentally superior products are made using biodegradable lubricants and an aqueous cleaning system.  No chlorinated lubricants or solvents are ever used to manufacture our products. Our manufacturing process produces no hazardous waste.

ISO 14001:2004 Certification
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Q: Is Hudson Technologies using an environmentally-sound lubrication and cleaning system?
A: Yes. We converted our manufacturing process to include the use of environmentally sound, state-of-the-art lubricants in 2007. These lubricants are compatible with our aqueous, or water-based, cleaning system, allowing us to completely eliminate the need for a solvent-based cleaning system and the hazardous waste it produced.
Q: Is Hudson Technologies' environmental management system certified?
A: Yes. In 2011, our environmental management system received ISO 14001:2004 certification. Our quality management system is also ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 certified.

Q: Does Hudson Technologies use chlorinated lubricants and solvent-based cleaners?
A: No. We completely eliminated chlorinated lubricants and trichloroethylene (TCE), a solvent-based cleaner commonly used in the industry to clean metals, from our manufacturing process in 2007.

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Q: Why did Hudson Technologies make these changes?
A. We are a leader in green manufacturing because it is the right thing to do – for our customers, our employees and the community. We are leading the way in our industry. The majority of stamping companies today continue to use chlorinated lubricants and hazardous solvents.

Q: Is the new cleaning system environmentally-friendly?
A. Yes. By converting to an aqueous cleaning system Hudson Technologies is becoming a greener manufacturer. Aqueous, or water-based, systems are much more environmentally friendly to work with compared with solvent-based cleaning equipment and materials.

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Q: How much did the new system cost to implement?
A: Hudson Technologies invested over two years and $2 million in research, development, equipment and training to bring this eco-friendly system online at our 115,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

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Q: How does the aqueous cleaning system work?
A: In the aqueous cleaning system, manufactured parts are cleaned using up and down agitation. This vertical agitation produces a natural hydraulic purging action that forces a water-based solution between parts and in and out of cavities, providing a high degree of fluid exchange for fast cleaning. The vertical agitation is further enhanced by basket rotation, high pressure submerged spray and ultrasonics. Drying is achieved by an energy efficient re-circulating air dryer with HEPA filtration.

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Q: Does the waste water discharged from the aqueous cleaning system meet all local, state and federal guidelines?
A: Yes. The water from the aqueous cleaning system is processed at Hudson Technologies before entering the local waste water system. We work closely with the city to insure we remain in strict compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines.

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Q: Is this a manufacturing process change?
A: No, not in and of itself. However, if a customer’s manufacturing and quality engineers determine a process change request is needed because Hudson Technologies moved to an environmentally sound and compliant lubricant and an aqueous cleaning system, then we are happy to work with that customer on a case by case basis to provide the information they need. Contact Customer Care for assistance.

Q: Will my parts be the same as I have received them in the past?
A: Yes. We’ve worked through the process to insure the parts will meet your expectations. We conducted testing with the alloys used to manufacture parts. The lubricants are environmentally sound and compliant.

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Q: May I purchase sample parts made with the new process? 
A:  Yes. Our sales staff will be glad to assist you with any order you would like to place. Minimum lot charges may apply.

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Q: I have additional questions. Can you help?
A:  Yes. Contact your Customer Care representative or one of our sales staff members will be happy to assist you.