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Deep Drawing Stainless Steel Parts

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, strong, heat resistant and chemical resistant. It’s no wonder so many companies choose it for critical components. And while industries from aerospace and defense to health care and power generation utilize stainless steel, forming and deep drawing it into frame parts, medical containers, or components for gas turbines requires a high degree of skill and knowledge. How It Works Deep draw forming stainless steel produces strong, corrosion-resistant pa...

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Hudson Technologies receives AS9100 Certification

Hudson Technologies receives AS9100 Certification Hudson Technologies is dedicated to offering the best products, processes and services to our aerospace customers. AS9100 provides the international consistency and addresses the specific regulatory, safety and reliability requirements that the aerospace industry demands. With AS9100 certification, Hudson Technologies can ensure safety, reliability and compliance in the high-risk aerospace industry. AS9100 has requirements regarding regulatory co...

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Metal Stamping for the Aerospace Industry

When it comes to the aerospace industry, there is no room for manufacturing error. The tight tolerances and precision measurements required doesn’t allow for good enough, it must be perfection. Whether you need a small, precise connector, a stamped metal clip part, spring, complex gearhead, or steel airframe component, metal stamping can allow you to create a multitude of parts small and large. Deep Draw Metal Stamping The deep draw metal stamping process itself is not too complicated. Thr...

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Types of Tooling for Metal Diaphragms

Diaphragms are semi-elastic individual wafers with unique properties made from metal or elastomers that produce a predictable spring rate. In this article, we are referring to round, concentric ringed, thin metal diaphragms and the types of tooling used to create them. Hudson Technologies uses two different tooling methods in order to form metal diaphragms . All tooling is designed and built in our large in-house tool room. A multi-shift staff of highly skilled toolmakers uses sophisticated CNC ...

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5-Axis Fiber Laser for Deep Drawn Manufacturing

At Hudson Technologies, we’re always looking for ways that we can provide improved parts and services. And although we have always designed unique solutions for the secondary processing of our precision 3D metal parts for aerospace, medical, automotive, electronic, and a variety of other industrial applications, we have recently taken that a step further. By employing innovative tooling, punching and CNC machining, Hudson has produced secondary holes, slots and flange cuts in delicate 3...

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