Hudson Technologies receives AS9100 Certification

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hudson Technologies receives AS9100 Certification

Hudson Technologies is dedicated to offering the best products, processes and services to our aerospace customers.AS9100 provides the international consistency and addresses the specific regulatory, safety and reliability requirements that the aerospace industry demands. With AS9100 certification, Hudson Technologies can ensure safety, reliability and compliance in the high-risk aerospace industry. AS9100 has requirements regarding regulatory compliance that include:

  • Configuration management

  • Approval and review of subcontractor performance

  • Verification of purchased product

  • Product identification throughout the life cycle, and documentation

  • Control of production process changes and equipment, tools and numerical control machine programs

  • Control of work performed outside of the supplier’s facilities

  • Special processes

  • Inspection and testing procedures

  • Methods, resources and recording

  • Corrective action

  • Expansion of the internal audit requirements in IS 9001:2008

  • First article inspection

  • Control of technical documentation

  • Review of non-conforming product

John Marfiak 2/13/2017

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