At Hudson Technologies, we’re always looking for ways that we can provide improved parts and services. And although we have always designed unique solutions for the secondary processing of our precision 3D metal parts for aerospace, medical, automotive, electronic, and a variety of other industrial applications, we have recently taken that a step further.

By employing innovative tooling, punching and CNC machining, Hudson has produced secondary holes, slots and flange cuts in delicate 3D metal parts without adversely affecting the part integrity. With our newest tool, a Rofin UW1200 5-Axis Fiber Laser, we are able to improve efficiency, accuracy, flexibility and capability for secondary processing.

5-Axis Fiber Laser Provides Increased Accuracy to Manufactured Metal Parts
By using this new 5-Axis Fiber Laser, Hudson Technologies is able to:

  • Produce a part in one step – eliminating costly tools, multiple setups, and labor expense
  • Expand versatility and flexibility with the addition of laser cut copper, brass, Inconel, titanium, Hasteloy and exotic shielding alloys
  • Improve turnaround times
  • Reduce the need for tooling and punches
  • And more…

An example of the benefits is an aluminum rectangular enclosure. This part was processed in less than 90 seconds in a single setup, well within the accuracy requirements. Edge quality was excellent and deburring was eliminated. In the past, processing this part required 3 setups that involved costly tooling, presses and labor.

We have initially assigned 200 part numbers for processing using this new tool, but plan to expand that number with standard and custom parts. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality parts and services with laser precision. To find out more about this process or to speak with a representative, call us at (866) 241-4448 or contact us online.

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