Batteries form critical components of many active weapon systems in military and defense projects. Because batteries contain toxic substances and must be kept in working condition, defense contractors are turning to battery enclosures as a crucial means to preserve the health of their systems. Keeping the batteries enclosed and protected ensures optimal performance, reliability, and safety. 

Why You Need Battery Enclosures

A faulty battery could jeopardize an entire mission. Military industry products often experience harsh conditions including extreme temperatures, intense vibration, ultraviolet radiation, and high G-forces.

Proper enclosures keep batteries safe and hermetically sealed. They protect against outside threats like sand grit or chemical attacks, reducing battery wear and prolonging system lifespan. Battery enclosures also help with temperature control both outside and inside larger mechanical systems that feature varying internal conditions.

Proper enclosures also protect the battery from high G-forces involved in flight operations or sudden stops. Vibration, which could cause some pieces of the battery to come loose or stop functioning, can also be mitigated with the proper enclosure. Every defense application places a high premium on mission success, meaning that manufacturers should take as many steps as possible to reduce the risk of battery failure.

Key Benefits of Hudson’s Deep-Drawn Battery Enclosures

Hudson makes most of its battery enclosures using deep-drawn stamping. This highly customizable process allows users to design enclosures ranging from .25 inches in diameter to very large parts suitable for automotive or aerospace applications. Because of deep-drawn stamping’s adaptability, we can make battery enclosures to nearly any specification.

Whether the battery housing operates on the ground or in the air, Hudson’s innovative processes ensure that your equipment will operate efficiently and effectively. We can tailor our batteries to any battery management system that needs to be included in or near the battery housing.

Our manufacturing processes also use zero chlorinated lubricants and zero solvents, ensuring that all parts maintain their cleanliness without wearing away any seals or other critical details. We also use no hazardous materials in designing our products.

Assured Defense with Hudson Technologies

Proper battery enclosures will result in having systems that function well under every circumstance. Our battery enclosures will ensure that your military applications are up and running whether you’re in sub-zero conditions or high-temperature environments.

Hudson Technologies is AS9100 Rev-D Certified, ITAR Registered, and DFARS Compliant

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