In today’s increasingly global economy, businesses of all types and sizes are establishing themselves in various foreign markets.

Expanding operations internationally allows for new opportunities and typically proves a valuable long-term investment.

Hudson Technologies made the step to global expansion and saw the benefits firsthand— in 2017, we had a record number of foreign exports, meeting demand from countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

We’re currently fulfilling orders for our standards parts — such as metal diaphragms, which account for 75% of our foreign sales — as well as various custom items.

After partnering with some of the most respected, well-known companies across the globe, we’ve documented the increasing number of advantages in having a strong international partnership.

Below are five key advantages to keep in mind if you’re considering expanding your business.

Distribution & Channel Growth

Geographic ExpansionWhen businesses enter into international partnerships, the distribution network is naturally expanded. This can lead to the acquisition of new customers and diverse revenue channels. Geographic expansion is usually an important first step toward overall new business growth.

Access to New Technologies

Expanding abroad also allows companies to gain access to new technologies, tools, and innovations — without the need to expend resources or incur high costs.

Setback Protection

International partnerships allow businesses to diversify their assets and protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances that may arise at home. For example, companies with global operations can counterbalance setbacks in one area by achieving success in another.

The diversification of products and services also allows companies to maintain strong revenue streams and ensure constant innovation and improvement.

Access to Talent

Establishing operations in another part of the world inevitably means seeking out new talent with unique skills and expertise. These new talent pools often allow for increased productivity while boosting overall company language skills and cultural awareness. Plus, a diversified employee educational background can prove a valuable asset.

Development of New Processes

Branching out to new locations allows businesses to discover new, exciting methods of achieving goals and accomplishing everyday tasks. These new techniques can then be applied to other markets.New Process Development

Working with Hudson

As the leading deep drawn stamping manufacturer and supplier of precision metal products in the United States, Hudson is proud to serve as an international partner for various companies around the globe. In 2017, we set an international sales record:

  • 8% of total sales dollars were shipped internationally
  • 26 foreign countries shipped to in 2017
  • 34 total foreign countries shipped to since 1940

No matter what your specific application needs or industry requirements, we can provide a cost-efficient, reliable solution to meet them. All of our deep drawn metal products ship quickly, at competitive speeds, so clients never need to worry about unnecessary downtime.

We are also certified to the international AS9102 standard, complying with strict documentation and verification requirements for inspections, design, and production to ensure optimal quality in everything we do.

Learn More

Hudson Technologies has been an industry-leading metal diaphragm designer and manufacturer since our founding in 1940, and we’re proud to be expanding worldwide — serving clients across industries, across the globe. To learn more about the products and services we provide here in the United States and internationally, check out our comprehensive product overview.

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