Hudson Technologies Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2017

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Every year on the first Friday of October, manufacturers across the United States celebrate Manufacturing (MFG) Day, offering facility tours for students and the media, showing the public how various processes work, and taking the time to look back on the year’s progress — both in terms of company advancements and developments in the manufacturing […]

How Metal Stamped Medical Devices are Moving the Industry Forward

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Manufacturing all the components for tools and devices in the medical industry is an uphill battle to mastering two key aspects: precision and quality. With the growing needs of life sciences, metal components have become an integral part of building medical devices for active stimulation and surgical treatment of diseases and illnesses. These devices face […]

The Costs of Partnering With a Low-Cost Supplier

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No matter what the specific industry or application, designing and manufacturing products can be an expensive, time-consuming undertaking, so any opportunities for saving are usually welcome. To keep down costs, many companies consider contracting with a low-cost metal forming company. But doing so can lead to significant expenditures in the long run, not to mention […]

Discover Hudson Technologies’ New Website

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Hudson Technologies is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website! Optimized for easy navigation of design, engineering, and material selection resources for deep draw metal stamping and forming applications, our new site has been fully modernized and enhanced to meet the shifting needs of our users. For instance, our new, cutting-edge mobile-responsive design […]

Deep Draw Manufacturing Process Explained

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Deep draw manufacturing forms metal into a seamless round, square or rectangular shape called an enclosure, or case. To be considered deep drawn, the height of the case is usually at least two times the diameter. Deep drawn cases are used to enclose technology, especially in demanding environments or whenever tight tolerances and reliability are […]

Deep Drawing Stainless Steel Parts

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Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, strong, heat resistant and chemical resistant. It’s no wonder so many companies choose it for critical components. And while industries from aerospace and defense to health care and power generation utilize stainless steel, forming and deep drawing it into frame parts, medical containers, or components for gas turbines requires a […]

Metal Stamping for the Aerospace Industry

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When it comes to the aerospace industry, there is no room for manufacturing error. The tight tolerances and precision measurements required doesn’t allow for “good enough,” it must be perfection. Whether you need a small, precise connector, a stamped metal clip part, spring, complex gearhead, or steel airframe component, metal stamping can allow you to […]

Types of Tooling for Metal Diaphragms

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Diaphragms are semi-elastic individual wafers with unique properties made from metal or elastomers that produce a predictable spring rate. In this article, we are referring to round, concentric ringed, thin metal diaphragms and the types of tooling used to create them. Hudson Technologies uses two different tooling methods in order to form metal diaphragms. All […]

Metal Diaphragms and Capabilities

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The Capabilities and Applications of Metal Diaphragms Metal diaphragms are thin circular plates that undergo elastic deformation when subjected to pressure or axial loading. They are typically manufactured by forming a thin metal sheet into a ripple shape. At Hudson Technologies, we offer metal diaphragms that are flat or corrugated, meaning as rings or solids. […]

Hudson Technologies Is a Green Metal Manufacturer

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What Does It Mean to Work with a Green Metal Manufacturer? Hudson Technologies takes its commitment to the environment seriously. But what exactly does it mean to be a green metal manufacturer? Hudson Technologies’ Aqueous Cleaning System Our environmentally safer products are made using biodegradable lubricants and an aqueous cleaning system. No chlorinated lubricants or […]