Why Choosing a Deep Drawn Manufacturer is About More than Just Part Cost?

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When you’re searching for a manufacturer for your deep drawn products, cost is a very important part of the equation. However, getting a deep drawn supplier is about more than just looking at the bottom line in terms of parts cost. Don’t underestimate the value and importance in having quality materials, workmanship and quality control. […]

4 Myths About Deep Drawn Manufacturing

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Deep drawn metal stamping is a manufacturing process that competes with several other processes that create the same or similar products. However, the deep draw process has several significant differences that set it apart from those other methods. Without being an expert on manufacturing, you could fall victim to hearing false myths about deep draw, […]

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer for You

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When it comes to choosing the right manufacturer for your deep drawn metal enclosures, cases, stampings, and metal diaphragms needs there is a lot that can factor into your decision. Beware of lost cost, international manufacturers who may not provide a quality product, could deliver late, and could have hidden fees. Here are some things […]

Deep Drawing Metal Battery Cases

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When technology depends on a battery case to perform reliably, even in the most demanding environments, it’s time to look towards deep drawn metal battery enclosures. At Hudson Technologies, we manufacture deep drawn metal battery cases for implantable medical devices, aerospace, aviation, military, hybrid electric vehicles and other industrial and commercial applications worldwide. Hudson Technologies […]

Benefits of Deep Drawing Grade 9 Titanium

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Titanium Alloy 3-2.5 (Grade 9) is a medium strength alloy with good weldability and fabricability for mildly reducing to mildly oxidizing media. For years, people in our industry said it was “impossible” to deep draw Grade 9 titanium alloy. Through many years of research and testing, Hudson Technologies has proven that it CAN be done. […]

How to Use Deep Drawing to Maximize Your Money

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Deep drawing is the process of using metal dies to form blank sheets of metal into a desired shape. Specifically, if the item depth is greater than its radius, the metal forming process is called deep drawing. This popular metal forming method has many benefits over other methods and by using the deep drawing process, […]

Benefits of Deep Drawn Manufacturing Process

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While deep drawn manufacturing has been around for a long time, many people still don’t understand what it is or how their businesses could benefit from it. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of this process and how Hudson Technologies can help. There are a variety of materials available At Hudson […]

Top 3 Priorities for Manufacturing Deep Drawn Medical Components

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When manufacturing medical components, every care must be taken to ensure the medical component is hygienic, safe and suitable for performing the task it was designed to do. As part of this process, Hudson Technologies, a leading U.S. green manufacturer of deep drawn metal enclosures, or cases, and stampings, including metal diaphragms, has implemented a […]

Top Materials for Deep Drawn Medical Components

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Over the years, medical instruments have gone from clumsily crafted to modern works of art. And as the industry changed, tighter regulations resulted in products that were more precise, more reliable and certainly more sanitary. Sanitation is king in the medical industry. In order to maintain a sterile environment, there are regulations on everything from […]

Why Deep Drawn Metals are Popular for Medical Device Components

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Medical devices and their components need unquestionable quality and reliability due to the importance of each individual part. For this reason, the deep drawn process is one of the only trusted manufacturing methods because of its extreme level of quality and assurance when dealing with the creation of such small and delicate components. 5 Deep […]

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