Diaphragms are semi-elastic individual wafers with unique properties made from metal or elastomers that produce a predictable spring rate. In this article, we are referring to round, concentric ringed, thin metal diaphragms and the types of tooling used to create them.

Hudson Technologies uses two different tooling methods in order to form metal diaphragms. All tooling is designed and built in our large in-house tool room. A multi-shift staff of highly skilled toolmakers uses sophisticated CNC and inspection equipment to measure ripple forms to blueprint specifications.

Tooling is maintained for the life of the program, including replacement or re-facing as needed.

  1. Metal to Rubber Tooling
    For prototype and production parts that are greater than .0015” thick and <50,000 piece annual volume we consider a tooling strategy using metal to rubber tooling.This is a specific design that works very well in these production parameters. The tooling is a relatively inexpensive, fast method to produce high quality parts.
  2. Metal to Metal Tooling
    For parts that are <.0015” thick or have a very high production volume, we consider a high precision metal to metal tool to be the best choice.
    Metal to metal tooling offers the ability for precision alignment to hold exact requirements for burr height, geometry, and very long tool life. It’s perfect for working with very thin material and high volume.

Hudson Technologies is a stand alone manufacturer of precision metal diaphragms with the expertise, equipment, quality, flexibility and capacity you need to cost effectively do feasibility studies, design metal diaphragms, produce prototypes, meet production demand and expand product lines. From one piece to high volume production, we are with you every step of the way. Quick-change tooling allows for efficient production of multiple products at varying quantities and reduced lead times. This means that no matter what the application, Hudson has the tools to meet the requirements necessarily to keep time and costs lower.

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