As a leading provider of custom deep drawn metal enclosures, cases, headers, and diaphragms, Hudson Technologies serves a diverse range of applications and industries. One of our most recent projects, for instance, involved energy storage and power grid management.

The Problem

An energy power grid management company recently approached Hudson with a request for an enclosure to be used in a new energy storage application.

This enclosure needed to be able to stand up to years of harsh exposure as it would be exposed to very high heat, thermal cycling, and corrosive chemicals.

Initially, we considered creating a catalog case, but ultimately decided this was not the best solution for the application; instead, we opted to build a customized enclosure.

The Solution

After carefully analyzing all application requirements and specifications, our team chose to work with stainless steel for its durability and longevity. We also had to ensure the new enclosure would fit within a predetermined footprint and would function well with stacked and packed storage cells.

Our team worked with the customer to develop a thick-walled custom stainless steel enclosure capable of withstanding severe environments and ensuring limited thermal expansion.

The Result

Hudson delivered the custom enclosure to the client and conducted testing to ensure high performance; the tests went smoothly and the client was satisfied with our unique solution.

They were also very impressed with our level of communication and collaboration throughout the entire process — namely, our weekly updates during the build, our flexibility in adjusting to changes in design requirements, and our commitment to on-time delivery.

This innovative, new power grid management technology is now in validation testing, and a second-generation enclosure is already in the prototyping and testing phase; our new model will allow for even greater capacity.

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With over 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing metal enclosures and diaphragms, Hudson Technologies is proud to provide solutions for critical energy and power grid applications.

With our new green facility processes in place, we guarantee a small environmental footprint for all of our designs; no chlorinated lubricants or solvents are used in the manufacture of our products, which means no hazardous waste is produced.

Curious to learn more about our previous work or eco-friendly initiatives? Reach out to the team today. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.