The aerospace industry supplies parts and products to five key market sectors: commercial airlines, general aviation, military aircraft, missiles, and space research. As the components supplied often find application in critical operations where failure is not an option, it is essential they feature high precision, accuracy, durability, and reliability to ensure they function as intended. In the United States, companies who make use of aerospace hardware keep these and other considerations in mind when searching for a manufacturing partner. In particular, one quality they seek is domestic production.

Hudson Technologies is a US-based manufacturer specializing in deep drawn metal stampings. With nearly eight decades of industry experience, our team has the expertise to accommodate both standard and custom part requests. We are well-versed in meeting exact and tight tolerances for critical applications, making us the ideal partner for all stamped aerospace component needs.

Hudson Aerospace Components

The below Interactive Infographic was designed to represent Hudson’s various aerospace components on an aircraft. Simply click on the individual elements to view the location and descriptions of each component on the aircraft.