Giving can take many different shapes and forms. Lots of people and companies do it, especially around the holidays.
Hudson Technologies, a deep draw manufacturer, and its team members give back throughout the year by participating in a variety of events, volunteer projects and community drives.

Whether it’s collecting non-perishable food, contributing to United Way, donating toys, giving blood, and walking, running or riding to support a cause, their contributions help make a difference in our community.

Another way Hudson Technologies gives back is by sharing best practices with other companies and organizations. Whether it’s sharing strategic planning systems, working with educators and students, or assisting local economic development efforts, we take the position that helping other organizations and companies ultimately benefits the whole community.

This commitment to creating something better than what we began with isn’t new; it’s been part of our core values for a long time.

Paul Clare, who retired as president of Hudson Technologies in 2002, was honored last week for life-time achievement in manufacturing by the Volusia Manufacturers Association (VMA). The award was presented to Clare at the 2012 VMA awards banquet by Hudson’s current president, Mark Andrews, who was inducted as the 2013 VMA Chairman at the event. Clare is well known for his commitment to community service.

Supporting organizations like VMA takes precious time and resources. That’s a fact but it’s also a gift that keeps on giving. It would be easy to say we don’t prioritize networking with local companies because the majority of our customers who purchase our deep drawn metal enclosures are located elsewhere – around the country and the globe. Manufacturing in Volusia County is very diverse, and it’s precisely because we don’t compete locally that we can help each other compete globally.

As we look out into the year to come, we will continue to challenge ourselves to find new and better ways to give back, and we’ll look to our company’s core values for inspiration – Earn Trust, Learn By Doing, Work Together and Steward Our Legacy.

Best wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year!