Hudson Technologies is seeking individuals who are passionate about creating or broadening a career with an innovative company. Hudson Technologies offers a dynamic working environment where all team members are valued and rewarded accordingly.

How to Apply


Ensures and supports manufacturing’s adherence to Hudson’s quality standards. Supports operations through involvement and coordination of the internal and external problem-solving process.

Essential Responsibilities

Develops and maintains Work Instructions. Creates quality-related work instructions using input from customer requirements and a variety of internal resources including Manufacturing Engineers, Team Leaders & Coordinators and Operators. Utilizes knowledge of the customer, the product and the process to evaluate the effectiveness of work instructions and modifies for continuous improvement.

Manages customer complaints responses in a timely and thorough manner. Maintains communication link between Leadership and Work Team Associates. Utilizing input from internal resources, develops containment plan and initiates 8D or Customer specific corrective action response. Operates using knowledge of containment process, customer-specific procedures and process change requirements. Builds relationships with the work teams and acts as an interface between production employees and Customer contacts.

Manages supplier product issues. Maintains strong understanding of supplier products. Interfaces supplier product issues through Supplier Quality Assurance. Responsible for investigation into defective part complaints and completion of the Material Complaint Notice. Organizes Material Review Board to achieve disposition on suspect parts. Prepares product for supplier returns.

Coordinates internal quality communications. Relates quality alerts and suspect part status to Manufacturing and Engineering. Facilitates and/or attends Production Team meetings. Ensures that quality postings/alerts are clear and current. Conducts shop floor quality audits and relates findings to appropriate individuals. Manages quality files for documented information as required by the appropriate procedures and policies.

Analyzes part discrepancies. Utilizes blueprints, control plans, FMEA’s and metrology skills along with problem solving activity to accurately assess the nature of part discrepancies.

Ensures all production teams understand Hudson quality standards and policies. Introduces new employees to Hudson quality standards and policies. Demonstrates correct usage of metrology equipment. Trains Team Leaders and Coordinators on job-specific quality standards. Ensures Team Leaders and Coordinators have the information and tools needed to operate within the appropriate quality standards requirements.

Participates as a member of the Quality Team. Participates in ongoing development, communication and implementation of team concepts, programs and policies. Coordinates work to ensure best practices with all team members. Attends appropriate team meetings. As a member of the Quality Team, fosters strong cohesiveness regarding all major issues; e.g., direction, annual plan, budget, policy changes, etc. Accepts responsibility to quickly identify any areas of lack of cohesiveness, bringing them to the attention of the team leader and working with the team in a supportive manner to resolve issues effecting cohesiveness. Actively look for ways, and reinforce actions needed, to achieve synergy possible within the larger organization.

Performs other duties as necessary in support of business objectives. This position description is intended to guide the activities of the Quality Facilitator. It is not intended to limit the thinking and creativity of the person to the work of this function. Nor is it intended that this describe all the work that may be required of the person in this position.


Educational RequirementsExperience Requirements
HS or equivalent.
Associates in Quality preferred.
ASQ certification preferred.
Technical Experience: Experience in quality assurance systems for manufacturing.

Industry Experience: 1-3 years in Lean Manufacturing, QS 9000 facilitation and / or deep draw stamping.

Technical Competencies – specifically related to this position
Blueprint Reading Skills: Ability to read and interpret complex blueprints with GD & T.

Write Effectively: Ability to convey information clearly and effectively through formal and informal documents; reviews and edits written work constructively.

Build Customer Relationships: Demonstrated ability to establish effective relationships with customers over time; serves as a liaison between the organization and the customer; provides ongoing service after the sale.

Lean Thinking: Ability to learn, discuss, and practice lean principles in all activities.

Process Evaluation/Improvement: Ability to analyze current processes to determine if they need to be changed or if entirely new processes need to be implemented. Ability to identify opportunities to improve a process by making it more efficient and/or effective while achieving superior results.

Problem Solving: High level of understanding and the ability to practice the process of experienced based problem solving and the application of the tools associated with that process.

Metrology Tools: Ability to use and maintain calipers, micrometers, height gages, gage blocks, etc.

Mathematical Skills: Ability to solve mathematical calculations.

Statistical Tools: Familiar with SPC (Statistical Process Capabilities) and Metrology. Familiar with control plans.

Commitment to Quality: Ability to emphasize the need to deliver quality products and/or services, define standards for quality and evaluates products, processes, and/or services against those standards; manages quality.

Analyze Issues: Ability to gather relevant information systematically, consider a broad range of issues or factors, grasp complexities and perceive relationships among problems or issues, seek input from others; use accurate logic in analysis.

Process Evaluation/Improvement: Ability to analyze current processes to determine if they need to be changed or if entirely new processes need to be implemented. Ability to identify opportunities to improve a process by making it more efficient and/or effective while achieving superior results.

Design of Experiments: Uses controlled study of process variables ensuring desired output in specified processes.

Error Proofing: Understands the use and design of error proofing devises

Hudson Operating systems principles and objectives (this competency appears in all job descriptions): Knows all Hudson established operating systems (e.g. quality, environmental). Understands the responsibility to maintain familiarity the systems and this position’s role in support of these systems – including a consideration of the impact of individual actions on the systems and the responsibility to communicate concerns and improvement ideas.

Cultural Expectations

Behavioral Competencies – Common to all Hudson Positions
Earn Trust
Personally earn the trust of colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and your community – in every interaction.

  • Begin with trust, expecting people to act in good faith.
  • Be open, fair and honest
  • Honor commitments and be accountable to each other, adult-to adult

Learn by Doing
Have a bias toward action and look at every experience as a learning opportunity.

  • Be curious and continuously learn and grow
  • Seek out new challenges and take calculated risks
  • Lead by example and provide opportunities for others to learn

Work Together
Be a team player; place our shared fate above personal ambition.

  • Embrace a diversity of thinking and respect each person’s unique contribution
  • Create an environment free of fear, where healthy conflict leads to better solutions
  • Be open to the unknown and the possibility of being uncomfortable
  • Recognize others’ contributions to the team’s success

Steward our Legacy
Preserve the legacy of our founders while reinventing the business for the next generation.

  • Celebrate our shared heritage
  • Make a difference by creating something better than what you begin with
  • Invest in businesses, people, and communities for the long term
  • Take personal responsibility for health, safety, and our environment