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Enclosing technology with
seamless metal solutions

Hudson Technologies is a leading U.S. green manufacturer of deep drawn metal enclosures, or cases, and stampings, including metal diaphragms. Hudson Technologies' core capabilities include expertise with a variety of high performance metals, including stainless steel and titanium, along with aluminum, aluminized steel, cold rolled steel, brass, copper, HY-MU 77 and 80 (Other shielding alloys available), nickel, cupro nickel and more.  
Design engineers turn to Hudson Technologies for custom enclosures and metal diaphragms for their technology whether they need a prototype or high-volume production. The catalog has over 15,000 standard deep drawn shapes and sizes available with little to no tooling charges. Engineered products offer custom components designed to customers' specifications.

Hudson Technologies' seamless enclosures, also referred to as cases, cans, covers, containers and deep drawn metal stampings, are integral to aerospace, aviation, automotive, battery enclosures, electrical, irrigation, implantable medical devices, flow meters, relay cases, semi-conductor, mechanical seals, edge welded bellows and other industrial applications worldwide.



Mechanical Seals
Semi Conductor

Commercial Battery

Deep-drawing Grade 9 Titanium
in General - 12/08/2015
Hudson Technologies has completed a multi-year journey to find the "secret sauce" to deep-draw Grade 9 Titanium.

Hudson Catalog Enclosures
in General - 09/08/2015
Please visit our on-line catalog of over 15,000 round, square, rectangle and special shapes available. You can now download 2D drawings or 3D files right in to your designs.

The Need for Speed
in General - 08/26/2015
Hudson Technologies is featured in the July / August issue of MPO or Medical Product Outsourcing magazine.

2D Drawings and 3D Files available
in General - 07/01/2015
Our customers have the ability to download 2D drawings or 3D CAD files on all of our catalog cans or enclosures.

JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) in World News
in General - 06/16/2015
Hudson Technologies supports three different customers with key components on this weapon system.....

Oldest Bliss Press Still in Use Found at Hudson Tool & Die in 1975
in General - 06/11/2015
The E. W. Bliss Comapny had a competition to find the oldest press still in daily operation. They found the oldest press at Hudson Tool & Die in Newark NJ.

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2D Drawings and 3D Files available on Hudson Catalog Cans
With 35 years at Hudson, Farley Fitzpatrick can answer any questions regarding our products and capabilities. Ask Farley.
Our catalog has over 15,000 standard shapes
& sizes with little to no tooling charges.
Our Custom Components offer customized
tooling & parts designed to customers' specs.
Our Diaphragm Capabilities include design, feasibility studies and stamping from prototype to high volume production.