Tooling is the means with which the deep draw process occurs. Tools are the hardened steel components that are designed and constructed to produce the enclosure from the sheet or coil raw material to the finished part. Tooling can be represented as an investment and in some cases a substantial one.

You can save thousands of dollars of initial investment by ordering standard sizes. Hudson Technologies has made the tooling investment for you with our catalog line of drawn cases.

Whenever possible, consider using one of our catalog (standard) round, square, or rectangular cases. If a custom enclosure (non-catalog) is needed, we will try to utilize existing tooling during the quote and design process and only construct what is necessary to make the case unique to your need.

Draw tooling can be categorized in two ways – automated and line tooling. Volume usually determines the proper method to use.

Automated tooling packages are designed for use in progressive or transfer presses for high volume needs (annual usage of 100,000 pieces and higher). Once the dies are loaded, a finished part is produced with every stroke of the press. All of the forming operations are done in one very large press. Generally, this is a higher tooling cost and lower part price due to high speed automated nature of the process.

Line tooling utilizes a number of different presses, each carrying out a single operation of the forming process. Generally, this is lower cost tooling but higher part price due to the less automated process and slower production rates.