Hudson Technologies produces deep drawn metal battery enclosures for a variety of industries, including energy storage. In recent years, we’ve worked to provide innovative solutions to any company working to store energy from intermittent or renewable sources such as wind and solar power.

Industry Challenges

Solar Panel

The rise of renewable energy has spurred a significant increase in the demand for energy storage. However, energy storage providers currently confront many challenges, including:

  • The limited commercialization potential of many energy storage technologies
  • The failure of standard power system models to capture the value proposition of energy storage
  • The inability of existing systems to communicate and control energy storage

In terms of battery technology, much remains to be done to improve the limited cycling times of batteries, which are primarily caused by electrode fouling and electrolyte degradation. A possible solution to this issue is the use of electrochemical energy storage technologies that convert electricity into chemical potential for storage before reconverting it into electricity prior to loading.

How Hudson Helps

Guided by our commitment to energy efficiency, Hudson Technologies is proud to specialize in energy storage solutions. Our products and services come with an array of advantages, including:

Little to no tooling charges on more than 15,000 shapes and sizes in our catalog

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Custom battery enclosures built to your specifications and requirements

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The ability to manufacture standard and custom cylindrical deep drawn enclosures

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Expertise in manufacturing prismatic (rectangle) deep drawn enclosures made from stainless steel and titanium, among other materials

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Covers and headers with secondary machining operations

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AS9100D, ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 13485:2003 compliant

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Our deep drawn stamping process

Solutions from Hudson

Our deep drawn stamping process means the following:

  • Reduced production time
  • Lower costs
  • Versatile process
  • Great product consistency
  • Reduced overall material waste

Applications/Case Studies

Below is a short list of projects where Hudson Technologies provided quality deep drawn products for our customers.

Energy Storage (Power Grid)

A minimal environmental footprint, zero chlorinated lubricants, zero solvents, and non-existent hazardous wastes are among the benefits that Hudson brings to energy storage projects. In a recent project with an energy storage solution provider, we created a thick-walled stainless steel enclosure that can withstand severe temperatures and pressure variations while limiting thermal expansion. We are continuing to work with this same customer on the next generation project. Our deep drawn metal stamped components offer leakage protection from a spillable liquids which can result in corrosion, component damage, or injury, and battery containment with internal pressure and/or venting hazardous fumes.

Implantable Medical Device Components

Hudson Technologies offers housing and casing components for cardio and neuro shields, half-shells, battery cases, and capacitor components for the medical device manufacturers, who need to work with extreme precision while keeping components clean and ensuring a high-quality surface finish. All three of these can be easily achieved with the use of deep drawn stamping techniques.


Hudson Technologies supplies deep drawn bomb and missile battery enclosures for the military and defense industries, helping contractors provide adequate protection and guarantee optimal performance without sacrificing reliability and safety.


Hudson Technologies provides the aerospace industry with deep drawn components for navigation systems, landing equipment, lighting, radios, and communication devices. Our deep drawn metal stamped components offer leakage protection from a spillable lead acid battery which can result in corrosion, component damage, or injury, and battery containment with internal pressure and/or venting hazardous fumes.

What’s Next at Hudson?

Hudson Technologies continues to invest in new technologies to meet the ever increasing demands of their customers. Recent purchases included a five axis cutting laser and eight robotic arms to improve productivity. Hudson’s most recent purchase is a Platarg Transfer Press, which is expected to further boost the company’s large-volume order production capabilities.

From energy storage to defense contracting, Hudson Technologies provides quality deep drawn, metal-stamped components to today’s major industries. If you’re interested in working with us on your next project,contact us today.

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