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Our catalog contains 15,000+ round, square, and rectangular cases and covers, MIL-T-27 military-grade cases, and relay cases with little or no tooling costs. We also offer the option to add customized finishes or modifications to suit your needs.

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Since our founding in 1940, Hudson Technologies has developed an extensive line of standard products.

To date, our product catalog is filled with over 15,000 unique round cases, round covers, square cases, square covers, rectangular cases, rectangular covers, special products, MIL-T-27 Specifications military grade cases, and relay cases.

If you know what you are looking for, view our full product catalog. If you cannot find what you need, contact us today to discuss your particular project requirements — a Hudson Technologies design engineer will help you find the most cost-effective solution.

Standard Catalog Materials

Each of our standard products are available in a range of materials: aluminum, brass, copper, cold rolled steel, HY-MU 80, stainless steel, nickel silver, and cupro nickel. To meet highly specialized needs, any of our standard parts can be custom manufactured in titanium, other HY-MU and similar shielding alloys, and a variety of other materials, as well.

Standards and Tolerances

All standard products are manufactured and inspected to meet Hudson Technologies Standard Tolerances, which we maintain stringently on every piece of equipment and tooling.

Additional and stricter tolerances can be met, as needed, and often require little if any custom tooling. Additionally, any standard product can be modified — in material, tolerances, finish, design, and so on.

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Hudson’s Standard Metal Stamping Capabilities

Custom vs. Catalog

At Hudson Technologies, we have extensive experience with both custom and standard metal stamping orders. Standard solutions from our catalog are well suited to many applications, but sometimes a unique application requires a unique solution. Mass production for general sale grants economies of scale to standard parts to make them more affordable, while design and manufacturing of custom parts comes at a higher price point.

Some of the benefits of our catalog parts include:

  • Easily modifiable with slots, brackets, holes, thread inserts, and more
  • Finishing options to create turnkey solutions
  • Subassembly of other components into the enclosure

While our catalog features nearly 15,000 available sizes and shapes, an original solution is sometimes required for specific use cases. Our custom metal stamped parts offer the following benefits:

  • Ability to meet exact client specifications
  • Designers and engineers tasked with engineering solutions that meet performance, cost, and manufacturability requirements
  • Tooling custom-built in-house
  • Customer pays for and owns tooling upon project completion

For more information on our tooling capabilities, Learn More About Custom Tooling

Download the “Catalog vs. Custom Deep Draw Metal Stamping” eBook

To learn about when to use standard and when to go custom.


Standard Catalog Metal Stamped Enclosures and Cases

Standard catalog metal stamped enclosures and cases afford users exceptional flexibility. Though the base design is generalized, our standard enclosures and cases can be easily modified through a to incorporate a variety of features. Common use cases for these products include:

  • Battery enclosures
  • Energy storage
  • Military systems
  • Medical devices

Applications and Catalog Overview

Our catalog includes a variety of metal stamped enclosures and cases for use in a vast range of industries. Some examples include:

  • Enclosures for electronics and communications equipment used by the military.
  • Durable enclosures for use in harsh power generation applications.
  • Relay cases and enclosures for medical devices that meet stringent medical cleanliness standards.
  • Specials/flanged

We offer a variety of standard shapes for purchase and spec, including:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Specials/flanged

The ideal case shape for any application depends on a multitude of factors. Our engineers can help you determine which shape is best for your needs.

Metal Diaphragms

Metal Diaphragms

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Don’t see what you want? We build precision custom components to your specifications. If you don’t find an exact catalog match or you need other metals, such as titanium, our highly skilled in-house staff design and build precision tooling to create parts that conform to your tolerance and quality needs. To talk to an experienced Hudson Technologies engineer, contact us today.

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