At Hudson Technologies, our manufacturing plant is the heart of our business. Since shifting our focus to green manufacturing practices in 2007, our 115,000-square foot, green manufacturing facility has been crafting high-quality products in an environment dedicated to excellence, safety, and team building.

Located in Ormond Beach, Florida, our plant features an extensive safety program that includes thorough personnel trainings, routine equipment, and facility testing, and compliance with all federal regulations.

To learn more about our people and products, we invite you to take a tour of our facilities in person. Get a sneak peek here with a virtual tour through our slideshow.

Hudson Overview
Our virtual tour begins in our offices and administrative area, where some of our key activities take place off the floor. In this space, we design our tools, give quotes, provide quality customer service, execute production control, and manage various projects.

From here, the tour moves to our tool room, where you’ll see all of our machinery and meet our operators. We have a full staff of tool builders that assist with tooling, including tooling design engineering, tool fabrication, and maintenance. We are also proud to feature a state-approved, four-year tool-maker apprentice program. Many of our customers choose stage tooling for its cost-effectiveness, but we also support many customers who choose transfer tooling or progressive die (or prog die) tooling.

We’ll then move onto our tool storage and tool preparation area where you can check out our extensive tooling library firsthand. We offer tooling creation to many of our customers; read our tooling FAQ here for more information.

Next, we’ll look at our aqueous cleaning, annealing, and heat treatment operations. Our aqueous system eliminates a solvent-based system, allowing us to uphold our commitment to strict environmental standard adherence and minimize our environmental impact. These secondary services allow us to cut down on lead times for our customer’s components.

At Hudson, we’re known for our ability to produce high-quality parts by employing the wide-ranging modifications of deep draw stamping on a variety of metals. On the tour, we’ll examine our raw materials and mechanical capabilities, like our 5-axis laser.

Once you get a sense of the metals we work with and our stamping capabilities, you’ll learn more about Hudson’s stringent quality assurance/quality control and inspection processes. Our thorough assurance program is designed to ensure we deliver only the highest-quality products to our customers.

Finally, we’ll wrap up the tour in our production and manufacturing area where you’ll learn more about our green manufacturing practices, including our energy efficiency measures. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the rest of our staff, see our production processes in action, and ask us any questions you may have after viewing the facility.

We certainly hope you’ll enjoy learning more about Hudson Technologies through our virtual facility tour!

Hudson Technologies Ormond Beach facility

If you’re interested in visiting our plant in person and meeting our team firsthand, please fill out the online form or contact Hudson for more information. We look forward to seeing you!