Hudson Technologies uses an aqueous cleaning system

As end consumers become more and more socially and environmentally conscious, demand for eco-friendly products continues to rise.

To help you thrive in this changing landscape, Hudson Technologies has implemented a variety of environmentally focused initiatives, providing our clients and their customers with the eco-friendly, sustainable options they desire while reliably protecting our team members and communities.

Hudson Technologies — an industry-leading metal stamping and deep drawn stamping provider — spent two years and over $2 million in research, development, capital costs, and training to ensure all our operations and products met stringent environmental standards. In 2007, we brought our 115,000-square-foot, fully eco-friendly manufacturing facility online, and today we remain one of the only companies in the industry with such rigorous environmental standards.

New Lubrication and Aqueous Cleaning Systems

The manufacturing lubrication and cleaning products used in stamping and deep drawn manufacturing processes are two of the most environmentally regulated aspects of the industry. We focused on both of these processes when environmentally upgrading our facility.

We first focused on lubricants, replacing the traditional chlorinated lubricants that we had been using with state-of-the-art biodegradable lubricants, which are environmentally friendly. We then had to come up with a way to eliminate solvent-based metal cleaners, such as trichloroethylene (TCE), from our manufacturing process. Although highly effective as a cleaner, the TCE compound is regulated as a hazardous substance and volatile organic compound, and its use in cleaning metal products generates hazardous waste.

To significantly improve upon this, we implemented an aqueous, or water-based, cleaning system that requires no solvent-based cleaners. In our aqueous cleaning system, parts are cleaned in a vertically aligned agitator. The up-and-down agitation generates a natural hydraulic purging action, which forces an environmentally friendly water-based solution into all parts of metal components, wedging particles of biodegradable lubricant from the metal surfaces. Basket rotation, high-pressure submerged spray, and ultrasonics also play a part in the cleaning system, enhancing the action of the vertical agitation. Cleaned parts are then dried in an energy-efficient, HEPA-filtered recirculating dryer.

Thanks to these changes, Hudson Technologies’ manufacturing and cleaning processes are now significantly more environmentally friendly, producing no hazardous waste of any kind.

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With these changes in place, all wastewater from our facility can be sent to the Ormond Beach, Florida, wastewater system with minimal secondary processing. We also continue to work closely with Ormond Beach and Volusia County to ensure our wastewater meets all local, state, and federal guidelines.

In 2009, the Volusia Manufacturers Association recognized our efforts with their “Go Green” Best Practice Award, and in 2011, our environmental management system — which we developed in conjunction with our aqueous cleaning system.

To learn more about Hudson Technologies’ green manufacturing practices and how they can benefit your products, contact us today.