Metal diaphragms are circular and thinly cut plates that experience elastic distortion when exposed to axial loading or pressure. These flexible membranes create seals in closed systems – such as fluid control systems – to isolate different enclosures housing different materials.

These diaphragms can provide a range of functions, including:

  • Pressure regulation
  • Conversion of movement into measurable communication with equipment
  • Provide a physical barrier between opposing forces in gases and liquids
  • Act as a membrane for pumping fluids
  • Serve as a pressure release point to protect equipment from overpressure failure

Benefits of Metal Diaphragms

Metal diaphragms offer numerous benefits, such as:

  • Reliable performance, cycling up to millions of strokes
  • Capability to function in extreme environments
  • Corrugations greatly improve pressure regulation/deflection, supporting accurate spring rates and long cycle life
  • Larger linear range with improved mechanical sensitivity

Applications of Metal Diaphragms

Metal diaphragms provide a solution for a range of applications. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Pressure Sensor Isolation

Metal diaphragms are frequently used to isolate pressure sensors, enabling accurate pressure readings throughout the system.

  • Transfer of Pressure Effects

Diaphragms enable the transfer of pressure effects from the process system into a closed pressure sensor systems while simultaneously preventing contamination of the process fluid and protecting equipment from the process fluid.

  • Physical Barriers

The diaphragm acts as a barrier, preventing the combining of gases and liquids, as well as serving as a covering layer or filter for the fluids to pump safely throughout the system.

  • Membrane

Metal diaphragms can act as a membrane to facilitate the pumping of fluids.

  • Predictable Failure Point

Metal diaphragms provide a predetermined overpressure point that operators can monitor to ensure that appropriate pressure levels are being maintained.

Metal Diaphragms from Hudson Technologies

Hudson has been leading the market as a diaphragm designer since 1940. Depending on the sensitivity of the application, Hudson offers two standard metal diaphragm designs: high-sensitivity low-pressure (HSLP) and low-sensitivity high-pressure (LSHP). If your system requires a different design, Hudson has the capability to customize a metal diaphragm to fit your exacting specifications. These styles can include ring, corrugated, or flat.

When your system incorporates different gases and liquids, it should include a metal diaphragm to ensure safe and effective operation. The varied, simultaneous applications of this single product effectively improve the operation of any flow system. From manipulating pressure to acting as a filter for the liquids circulating through the system, metal diaphragms are an essential component for safe operation.

If you would more information regarding our two variations of metal diaphragms, or additional information on customization options available at Hudson, please contact us.