Here at Hudson, our team specializes in manufacturing metal diaphragms. Designed as flexible membranes, metal diaphragms are used to create seals in various systems — such as fluid control systems — in order to isolate different enclosures.


Manufacturing Metal Diaphragms and Foil Gauges

Overview of Foil Diaphragms

The highly-engineered metal diaphragms made from these very thin foil materials play a critical role in detecting slight pressure variations in liquids, gases, and temperature measurement. The variation measurements are often transmitted in the form of an electronic or electrical signature, which communicates with equipment that can make minute adjustments to flow, temperature, or displacement, allowing all equipment to effectively operate within specified design parameters.

Versatile and extremely flexible, metal diaphragms allow for the transfer of pressure effects from the process system to a closed pressure sensor system while simultaneously providing protection from the process fluid as well as preventing contamination of the process fluid itself.

Manufacturing Foil Diaphragms and Gauges

To create these delicate components, many steps can help confirm the end-result diaphragm is ready to serve its purpose in the system:

  • Design: Metal diaphragms made from foil have an engineered spring rate manipulated through the use of concentric formed rings or convolutions; these rings develop the sensitivity needed for the diaphragm to perform to specifications.
  • Development: Development is often accomplished with the help of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, which utilizes performance data requirements from the customer, metallurgical inputs for the proposed material, and metal forming skill to arrive at a virtual solution that will be converted into a finished thin foil diaphragm that meets specifications.
  • Materials: Available in stainless steel and other materials, metal foil exhibits many unique properties that make it an excellent solution for instrumentation and pressure sensing.


Metal Foil Used for Diaphragms

Foil is constructed in thicknesses between .0005 inch and .005 inch; material thinner than .0005 inch is widely known as converter foil, which is used in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic applications. Usually thinned through hammering or rolling processes, foil is typically made with malleable metals, such as aluminum, copper, tin, and gold.

Foil usually bends under its own weight and can be easily torn. The more malleable a metal, the thinner the foil that can be made with it. At Hudson Technologies, we offer custom and standard metal diaphragms made with:

  • 300 series of stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Hastelloy
  • and others upon request

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Common Foil Diaphragm Applications

Diaphragms are typically are used in high-sensitivity, low-pressure applications, with pressure sensor isolation being one of the most common.

  • Preventing Contamination: Foil diaphragms are often used in the food and pharmaceutical industry to protect process fluids from contamination.
  • Regulating and Reporting Pressure: Pneumatic systems with air bearings use diaphragms to eliminate minor pressure changes. Diaphragms can also be used as pressure regulators to convert movement into computer-readable communications.
  • Failure Point or Barrier: Diaphragms may also serve as gas-liquid barriers and predictable failure points for overpressure protection and can be used in applications involving automotive emissions, fuel pressure, and transmission hydraulic pressure.
  • Flow Metering: Foil diaphragms are ideal for precise metering within flow control devices used. These are common in semiconductor equipment, ultra-sensitive instrumentation, and other pressure transducer applications.

Hudson has manufactured many thin foil diaphragms for these and other applications; we continuously expand our capabilities and manufacturing techniques to keep up with our clients’ changing needs.


Foil Metal Diaphragms from Hudson Technologies

Hudson Technologies is proud to serve a wide array of metal diaphragm clients, and we continue to expand our capabilities and manufacturing techniques to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

Founded on a commitment to stringent quality control, Hudson is proud to hold a range of certifications, including AS9100D. To learn more about our deep drawing capabilities and options, take a look at our comprehensive product overview.