Hudson Technologies is proud to offer a full range of metal fabrication capabilities, including deep draw, shallow draw, and stamping, as well as progressive die, rubber-to-metal, and transfer tool manufacturing. All of our work is supported by in-house finishing, design, and quality management services.

With a commitment to constant improvement and innovation, we serve a diverse range of industries and applications, from aerospace and automotive to electrical and medical. And as the following case study illustrates, our team is well-versed in handling high-volume orders.

The Problem

The customer, a leading innovator of connectors, sensors, and electronic components, was dealing with a growing demand for pressure sensor diaphragms.

They approached our team to fill a high-volume order of these components, which needed to exhibit improved quality over the parts they had been working with previously. This client also required comprehensive technical support, and presented us with a very aggressive target price.

The Solution

Offering suggestions to make the existing component design more manufacturable and cost-effective, Hudson worked closely with the client’s engineering and sourcing professionals to develop a design that would provide the high quality needed for the application.

After close collaboration with the client, we crafted a robust, multi-action tool capable of producing the pressure sensor diaphragms at high speed.

Our engineering team also developed unique automation solutions that built consistency and quality into the manufacturing process, ensuring that quality would not be sacrificed for speed.

We locked in a long-term arrangement with our trusted raw materials suppliers, allowing us to reduce costs, minimize variation, and improve consistency, thereby shortening production lead times. Hudson also invested in a sophisticated equipment setup that would allow for the increased capacity needed to meet the client’s forecasted demand.

The Result

Our team was able to meet the customer’s aggressive target price and submitted initial qualification samples ahead of deadline. The client was very pleased with the final result, and was impressed with the simplicity and smoothness of the entire process.

Hudson is now acting as a regular supplier to this client, manufacturing millions of pressure sensor diaphragms annually to meet their high-volume needs. And now that they’re predicting even higher demand for these pressure sensor diaphragms, they’re well-prepared to take it on.

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We’ve been designing and manufacturing metal enclosures and diaphragms since our founding in 1940. Hudson Technologies is proud to provide solutions for critical energy and power grid applications.

With our new green facility processes in place, we guarantee a small environmental footprint for all of our designs; no chlorinated lubricants or solvents are used in the manufacture of our products, which means no hazardous waste is produced.

Curious to learn more about our previous work or eco-friendly initiatives? Reach out to the team today. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.