Cosmetics: The nature of the deep draw process can leave minor cosmetic imperfections on the cases. Minor scratches on the inside and outside that show no measurable material displacement would be considered acceptable.

Small surface dings or tool repair marks, including raw material flaws would be a reasonable expectation. Slight scuffing, burnishing and surface appearance changes on any given surface are considered normal conditions.

Cleanliness: Every effort is made to remove the manufacturing lubricants and processing contamination. Cleanliness would be described as free from residual oils, particles, and tack free. Surface staining or minor discoloration from rinse cycles including water deposits are normal.

Cold Rolled Steel: Plain steel parts tend to rust quickly after fabrication. All efforts are made to reduce rust including intermediate application of rust preventing solutions. A slight brown/red discoloration of the material is considered normal. We will not ship rust pitted parts.

If any of the above conditions are not acceptable to your process or requirements we can, upon request, develop the manufacturing and handling process to ensure compliance to the request. Hudson Technologies can provide a quote for this service.