HyMu 80, a magnetic shielding material, is suitable for use across a broad spectrum of applications. Featuring high permeability with low hysteresis loss, the material’s shielding properties make it a suitable option for protecting electronic components against stray or low-frequency magnetic fields.

An 80% nickel-iron-molybdenum alloy, it’s is widely used in magnetic shielding applications, isolating electronic components against magnetic interference for optimal functionality.

At Hudson Technologies, we often employ this alloy in our deep drawn manufacturing process to produce a variety of standard and custom-designed shielding enclosures, seamless cases, and other products.

Applications and Benefits of HyMu 80

Many systems, especially electronic equipment in aerospace, aviation or medical applications, are highly sensitive to interference; to protect them, manufacturers typically house the systems within shielding enclosures capable of absorbing this interference.

Our team at Hudson Technologies produces these enclosures, including cases, covers and headers, and prismatic covers, out of HyMu 80 through a unique deep drawing process. This process enhances the permeability of the alloy and yields better shielding characteristics, therefore improving the effectiveness of a shield.

This metal meets military specification and can be used for a broad array of shielding applications. Moderately resistant to atmospheric corrosion, its impressive tolerance makes it a suitable choice for high stress applications. Apart from shielding applications, it’s also commonly used in the manufacture of tape-wound toroids, lamenations, and transformer cores.


With its high permeability and low hysteresis loss, HyMu 80 is a magnetic shielding alloy perfectly equipped for shielding electronic devices against static or low frequency magnetic fields.

The Hudson team has years of experience utilizing this in our deep drawn manufacturing process to produce a variety of shielding enclosures, cases, and other products. We combine top-of-the-line materials, deep draw and stamping manufacturing expertise, and a stringent quality control process to produce top quality products for your magnetic shielding applications.

For more information about our diverse material options, check out our Deep Drawn Stamping: Product Overview. To speak with a Hudson Technologies expert about developing a solution to your deep drawn stamping need, contact us.