Since 1940, Hudson Technologies has been providing industry-leading custom metal stamping and deep drawn stamping services for a range of different industries.

Our products are frequently found in medical, aviation, aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and commercial applications, among many others. Offering precision metal stamping services from start to finish, from prototype to production, we employ state-of-the-art equipment — including progressive, transfer, and single-station dies — and complete all engineering, design, tooling, and gauge and fixture building in-house.

This allows us to provide higher-volume production and higher-tolerance parts than those offered by standard metal stamping processes. This is essential for ensuring that the often-overlooked, critical small parts are of the highest quality possible for the desired end product.

Industries We Serve

Custom Metal Stamping Solutions for Key Industries

  • Aerospace

    Because aviation and aerospace applications require absolute precision and reliability, aircraft manufacturers have to follow stringent regulations in order to assure the durability of components in this critical applications


    1. Instrumentation
    2. Oxygen generating systems
    3. Military aircraft housings and enclosures
    4. Oxygen generating systems
    5. Relays, switches, and lighting systems

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  • Defense & Military

    For any component manufactured for use by the U.S. military and Department of Defense, strict military guidelines (commonly known as Mil-Spec) must be met. These requirements include standardization and uniformity of parts manufactured across different vendors as well as the extreme durability of the equipment during operation and storage.


    1. Caps, connectors, and couplings
    2. Enclosures and housings for military aircraft
    3. Parts for instrumentation equipment
    4. Relays, switches, and lighting systems
    5. Components within external sensors

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  • General Manufacturing

    In general manufacturing, our capabilities of press tonnage can be up to as high as 500 tons. Additionally, our material thickness is customizable and we have a wide range of bed press sizes to fit your exact needs.


    1. Battery covers
    2. Metal cases and enclosures
    3. Thin metal diaphragms
    4. High-volume production runs
    5. Custom metal stampings

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  • Medical

    The medical industry makes frequent use of custom metal stamping. Many of the components that Hudson manufactures become a part of life-critical components for the patients that receive them. These components must be crafted with the utmost precision and care to ensure optimal safety and performance.


    1. Implantable cardiac pacemakers
    2. Implantable hearing devices
    3. Ventricular assist devices
    4. Implantable look recorders (ILRs)
    5. Implantable drug infusion pumps

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Hudson Technologies has been an industry-leading metal parts and diaphragm designer and manufacturer since our founding in 1940, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of today’s custom metal stamping technologies.

To learn more about our services and discuss how they can help with your unique application, contact the team today. Or, for more information about our precise manufacturing capabilities, check out our comprehensive Turnkey Solutions eBook.