Integral components for a range of applications in various industrial systems, metal diaphragms are a specialty of ours here at Hudson Technologies.

As a stand-alone manufacturer of precision metal diaphragms, we’re proud to offer flexible production capacity to all our clients, while our state-of-the-art equipment ensures all products are of the highest quality possible.

With many years of industry experience, we offer expert services for all types of metal diaphragm applications, no matter how complex.

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Designed as flexible membranes, metal diaphragms are used to create seals in systems — such as fluid control systems — to isolate different enclosures.

Pressure sensor isolation is one of the most common applications; extremely flexible, metal diaphragms allow for the transfer of pressure effects from the process system to a closed pressure sensor system while simultaneously providing protection from the process fluid and protecting the process fluid from contamination.


Metal diaphragms are used by a wide range of industries for pressure sensor applications.

The food and pharmaceutical industry, for instance, use diaphragms to protect process fluids from contamination by pressure sensors, as do many industries requiring ultra-purity in their process fluids.

Metal diaphragms are used in other applications as well.

Any pneumatic system with air bearings, for example, uses carefully calibrated metal diaphragms to eliminate minor pressure changes as opposed to transferring them, as is done in pressure sensor applications.

Metal diaphragms are also used as pressure regulators to convert movement into computer-readable communications, and may serve as gas-liquid barriers and predictable failure points for overpressure protection.

These versatile components are employed in various medical devices as well.

Metal Diaphragms from Hudson Technologies

Standard Metal Diaphragms

Hudson Technologies manufactures two types of standard metal diaphragms, one for use in high-sensitivity low-pressure (HSLP) applications and the other for use in low-sensitivity high-pressure (LSHP) applications.

All corrugated, these metal diaphragms are available in 1-inch, 1.5-inch, 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch diameters and also feature a variety of deflection ranges (measured at 1.0 PSI); HSLP models’ deflection ranges from 0.001 to 0.0133, while LSHP models’ deflection ranges from 0.001 to 0.033.

Custom Metal Diaphragms

For applications that cannot make use of our standard metal diaphragms, Hudson Technologies offers custom manufacturing services for metal diaphragms of various types, including corrugated, flat, and ring.

We can custom produce diaphragms ranging from 0.2 inch to 18 inches in diameter using materials between 0.0005 inch and 0.018 inch thick.

We keep various materials on hand in our in-house inventory, including several grades of stainless steel, Inconel® grades 625 and 718, Haynes 242, Hastelloy®, titanium grades 1 and 2, Monel®, and 17-7 PH, with many others available as project needs require. Our metal-to-rubber and metal-to-metal presses can produce high-precision parts with low tooling and production costs.

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Hudson Technologies has been an industry-leading metal diaphragm designer and manufacturer since our founding in 1940.

We carry a reputation for precision quality, founded on our stringent quality control protocol, AS9100D certification and 13485:2003 and 14001:2004 compliance.

To learn more about our metal diaphragm offerings and custom metal diaphragm capabilities, contact us today.