As an industry-leading manufacturer of deep drawn metal enclosures and stampings, the team at Hudson Technologies is committed to constant improvement and innovation; as part of this commitment, we maintain a fleet of cutting-edge, precision equipment to ensure optimal quality and reliability of all our products.

Among the more than 100 pieces of equipment in our facility is an open back inclinable (OBI) gap press — one of the most widely used mechanical presses due in large part to its great versatility.

OBI Press Features and Benefits

We operate a number of OBI 22 – 110 presses, with nominal tonnage ratings that fall between 22 and 110 tons. Our single crankshaft OBI presses include flywheel, single gear, and double gear driven models. They feature a gap frame, which allows for an inclining function, used to increase production rates without sacrificing quality.

We typically use our open back inclinable gap press for producing a range of precision metal diaphragms; as a standalone manufacturer of metal diaphragms, both flat and corrugated, we make sure to utilize only the highest-quality machinery for their production. Diaphragms manufactured on our OBI press are used in a wide variety of applications; most commonly, they’re used as mechanical seals, in edge-welded bellows, and as pressure transducers.

Our OBI press is also compatible with our green manufacturing process, which produces zero hazardous waste. All lubricants — including those used on our OBI press — are biodegradable, and our aqueous cleaning system is fully solvent-free.

Work With Hudson Technologies

Since our founding in 1940, Hudson Technologies has been producing stamped and deep drawn parts for applications ranging from flow control to complex aerospace components.

To ensure quality in everything we do, we maintain a vast fleet of state-of-the-art equipment. We have also developed a highly effective quality standard green manufacturing process, keep talented design engineers on staff, and use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and other test lab resources to meet stringent quality standard guidelines.

Working on a design project or need help with high-volume production? Contact us today and an in-house metal forming expert will be in touch shortly.