Implementing proper safety procedures in industrial facilities is critical for ensuring optimal worker safety and smooth operations. But partnering with a supplier who also employs a comprehensive safety program is just as important.

Working with suppliers with lax safety initiatives puts your business at financial risk and increases the chances of delays. For instance, if one of your suppliers experiences a safety incident, an unplanned shutdown is likely to occur; with their processes not running, they will be unable to fulfill your order on time — leaving you in a last-minute scramble to find a new supplier at high expediting fees or, in a worst-case scenario, failing to meet your deadlines. If a supplier isn’t serious about safety, they’re likely not serious about quality, either.

At Hudson Technologies, we strive to serve as a reliable, trustworthy supplier. Our on-site safety programs, outlined below, illustrate this commitment.

Hudson’s Safety and Training Programs

The safety training programs at Hudson Technologies are designed, implemented, and managed by our dedicated Safety Committee, comprised of employees from every management level and every manufacturing process.

This program is fully compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910 and has been designed to protect our equipment, our dedicated staff, and our customers.

Our comprehensive safety program includes thorough training initiatives, such as:

  • New hire orientation — Every new hire receives an exhaustive, weeklong orientation
  • Lockout-tagout — We practice lockout-tagout daily, and all staff receives annual training in lockout-tagout procedures
  • Active shooter — Training held for new hires and annually for the full staff
  • First responder training — Designated first responders are recertified every three years
  • Evacuation drills — Held randomly throughout the year
  • Bloodborne pathogens — Training held for new hires and annually for the full staff
  • Hazard communication — Training held for new hires and annually for staff in high-risk operations, plus general-awareness refreshers held annually for full staff
  • Forklift training — Held annually, in conjunction with both written and practical testing
  • HAZWOPER training — Annual Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response training

Aside from our extensive training regime, we also perform a wide range of equipment and facility testing to ensure optimal equipment performance and job-site safety. For instance, we’re audited annually by the local fire department, test our fire alarm and suppression system weekly, and test respirators weekly and maintain them annually.

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Hudson Technologies has been providing industry-leading metal forming and deep drawn metal stamping services since our founding in 1940. We take the safety of your investment as seriously as we take the safety of our staff.

To learn more about Hudson Technologies and how we work to protect our customers, contact us directly or request a facility tour today.