At Hudson Technologies, we offer a wide range of deep draw capabilities to produce highly customized, cost-effective metal parts for clients across all types of industries. With an eye on innovation and environmental stewardship, we’re particularly proud to offer deep draw processes that produce far less material waste than most other machined parts methods.

Our Fabrication, Stamping & Manufacturing Equipment and Capabilities

Forming Equipment

Hudson Technologies’ state-of-the-art facility contains over 100 pieces of forming press equipment, all fully modernized and ready to handle projects of all kinds, no matter how complex. Some of our forming machines and their tonnage capabilities are as follows:

  • OBI (open back, inclined) — 22 to 110 tons
  • Mechanical, double action deep drawing presses — 22 to 200 tons
  • Hydraulic presses for metal diaphragms and deep drawing — 3 to 500 tons
  • 130 ton, 13 station transfer press and 20 ton transfer eyelet press
  • Straight side press (progressive) — 60 to 500 tons
  • Servo presses — 60, 110, and 300 tons
  • Adiabatic stamping press technology — 30 tons

Tool Room

Equipped with a wide range of top-quality machinery, our tool room allows the team at Hudson to provide reliable services for all kinds of metalworking projects. Some of our tool room equipment includes:

  • CNC mills and lathes up to 30″ swing
  • Bridgeport milling machines
  • Wire EDM (electrical discharge machines)
  • Wire, sinker, and hole puncher
  • Surface grinders

Modification Capabilities

The team at Hudson is also committed to providing all clients with complete customization options, allowing you to easily meet the specific demands of your application. The following equipment and capabilities allow for easy modifications to metal parts:

  • 5-axis laser
  • Robotic finishing machine
  • Spot welders
  • Multiple trimming methods
  • Lathes
  • Spinner
  • Vibratory tumblers

Design and Engineering Capabilities

Well-equipped tool rooms and top-of-the-line equipment are important, but a deep draw manufacturer is only as strong as their design services. At Hudson, we employ the following design methods:

  • CAD/CAM software
  • CAD Key
  • Solidworks
  • FEA (finite element analysis) for deep drawn and diaphragm design
  • COMSOL Multiphysics®

Heat Treating Capabilities

In addition to our primary machining services, Hudson Technologies offers various finishing services to ensure clients receive a finalized end product that meets all necessary specifications and requirements. Our heat treating finishing equipment includes:

  • Vacuum annealing furnace
  • Hump-back (belt) annealing system
  • Retort heat treat furnace
  • Aluminum heat treating

Cleaning Capabilities

Our facility also houses top-quality cleaning machines such as:

Quality Control

To ensure optimal quality and reliability of all the products we produce, Hudson maintains a stringent quality control program, which includes the use of:

  • Optical measuring systems
  • CMM
  • Optical microscope inspection systems
  • Automated SPC data collection
  • Minitab software
  • Microstructure preparation and examination capabilities
  • In-line automatic optical inspection

Other Offerings

The team at Hudson is deeply proud of our service offerings, and we’re constantly working to improve and innovate all processes and equipment to better serve our customers. Some of our other unique offerings and facility features include:

  • Pick and place robotics
  • Automated part loading, unloading, packaging
  • Visual scheduling system
  • Coil slitters (for raw material)
  • Environmentally friendly lubricants
  • Digital (LED) lighting throughout facility
  • Tool storage management system


Partner with Hudson Technologies

As an industry-leading manufacturer of deep drawn metal enclosures, Hudson Technologies is proud to offer our clients a wide range of machining and finishing services — with stringent quality control to back them up. In addition to metal enclosures and cases, we also specialize in stampings, including metal diaphragms.

Our company is AS9100D certified and ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 compliant. We work tirelessly to ensure we stay ahead of curve on all quality control processes and innovations.

Whether you need assistance deep drawing, sampling, or designing, Hudson is here to help. Working on a high-volume-production project or need help with a design? Contact us today and an in-house metal forming expert will be in touch.