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At Hudson Technologies, we’ve provided premier metal stamping and deep drawn stamping services for over 80 years. This experience, combined with our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art stamping presses, allows us to design and manufacture standard and custom stamped components for a wide range of industries and industrial applications.

In addition to these core capabilities, we are proud to offer a broad selection of secondary and finishing processes. These value-added services help us deliver ready-to-use parts and products as well as simplify supply chains, enhance part quality, and keep project costs manageable.

Metalworking Services

Equipped with a wide range of top-quality machinery, our tool room contains all of the equipment we need to support Hudson’s internal tooling needs to support our deep-drawn forming processes. This machinery includes:
CNC Mills

bridgeport milling
surface grinders

  • Bridgeport milling machines: for manual milling operations
  • CNC mills and lathes with up to 30-inch swing: for computerguided milling and turning operations
  • Wire, sinker, and hole EDM: for non-contact machining of electrically conductive workpieces
  • Surface grinders: for achieving smooth finishes on flat workpiece surfaces

These machines allow us to offer a variety of in-house modification and customization services, which, combined with our customer-focused approach, enable us to design, develop, and deliver metal components to a customer’s exact specifications. Our team will work with customers to ensure the project meets their needs and wants at every stage, including from designing to prototyping and initial development to full manufacturing. By partnering with us, our customers can have peace of mind that their parts and products will have the right shapes, dimensions, and finishes.

Custom Modification Services

The team at Hudson is committed to providing all customers with complete customization capabilities so they can tailor their components to meet the specific demands of their applications. In addition to over 100 stamping presses and various tool room machines, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility houses the following equipment:

  • 5-axis laser: for precise, accurate, and efficient cutting
  • Trimmers: for removal of excess material along the workpiece edge
  • Lathes/spinner: for forming circular or cylindrical components
  • Spot welders: for joining two components at various small points along mated surfaces
  • Robotic finishing machine: for automating finishing operations
  • Vibratory tumblers: for deburring, descaling, burnishing, cleaning, and/or brightening small workpieces

This equipment allows us to make further modifications to metal parts and products by adjusting the size, shape, or finish and/or adding components.

Other Secondary & Finishing Services

Our expert team offers various secondary and finishing services to prepare metal components for use. These services include:

  • Cleaning and edge-smoothing, including environmentally friendly aqueous cleaning, deburring, heat treating, and passivation
  • Surface treatment, including bead blasting, anodizing, polishing, painting, plating, and powder coating
  • Modification, including bulging, coining, extruding, machining, piercing, and tapping
  • Welding, including brazing, spot welding, TIG welding, and laser welding
  • Assembly, using PEM® fasteners, stud insertions, and standoff insertions

Combined with our metalworking and modification capabilities, these services allow us to provide turnkey metal part and product manufacturing solutions to our customers. Download our eBook, “Turnkey Solutions to Save Time and Money on Metal Enclosures“, to learn more about the benefits of partnering with a turnkey manufacturer.

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