When ordering standard catalog products, understanding several keywords and phrases will help in the communication process.

  • All standard catalog cases are prefixed with the letters HU or TC.
  • HU part numbers are categorized by their shape or features:
HU 2000-3000 Round
HU 4000 Square
HU 5000-7000 Rectangle
HU 8000 Specials (parts w/flanges)
  • TC series cases are classified as relay cases. TC cases are square or rectangular, and have unique dimensional and tolerance specifications.
  • Specials are generally catalog cans with flanges. Specials may be round, square or rectangular. Some octagonal shapes can be found here.
  • Plain Less Finish (P/L/F): This is a standard catalog case, manufactured to our catalog dimensions without any additional modifications or plating.
  • Less Finish (L/F): No plating or paint.
  • Hudson Standard Tolerances: go to Standards & Tolerances for details
  • Cut To: A standard catalog can that is being trimmed to a length, other than the length stated in the catalog for that specific can.
  • Mod Per Drawing: A standard catalog can is being modified with a customer specific feature, such as hole, notch or embossment. The detail and the tolerance of the feature is indicated by the customer supplied drawing. All other catalog case dimensions and tolerances remain as stated in our catalog.
  • Cut and Mod Per Drawing: The standard catalog case has a customer determined length and is being modified to a customer drawing. The drawing tolerances apply to these features. Hudson tolerances apply to the remaining catalog features of the case.