In 2005, Hudson changed its part number identification on Standard catalog cases. The traditional part number identifier was the HU part number, followed by the length, and the material type abbreviation.

You may now see what we call a “new dash” number (-00001, -00002, -00003, etc.) in place of the former material abbreviation (SS, CR, AL, etc.). For example: HU2360-1.188-SS is now HU2360-1.188-00003. NOTE: There is no correlation between an old material type abbreviation and a newly assigned dash number.

On the QUOTE you will see the Hudson part number listed with “NEW DASH,” for example: HU2360-1.188-NEW DASH.

On the ORDER you will see the Hudson Technologies part number has a new five digit extension in place of the old material type abbreviation. The new dash number is assigned at the time of order entry.

Please update your files and use the new number when placing future inquiries or orders.