Hudson Technologies is seeking individuals who are passionate about creating or broadening a career with an innovative company. Hudson Technologies offers a dynamic working environment where all team members are valued and rewarded accordingly.

How to Apply


Achieves effective cross-functional coordination of teams, resources, and activities to achieve development objectives. Possesses a clear understanding of both the market/ customer requirements and objectives, and the product scope and specifications will be required to maintain a consistent design and development focus when making key program decisions.

Key Initiatives and 90 Day Top 5

Each quarter top 5’s are determined and approved by the supervisor and employee. One-on-one meetings are held quarterly to measure success.

Essential Responsibilities

Resource management. Provides expert technical leadership in coordinating, facilitating, motivating, and directing efforts of cross-functional product development teams which consist of Product Engineers, Sales People, Process Engineers, Designers, Quality Engineers, Buyers, Manufacturing Engineers and Toolmakers. Ensures efficient use of team resources. Leads Business Review Team

Ensures successful program launches. Develops and gains support for program objectives/ deliverables and ensures all resources and groups involved understand customer and Hudson demands for successful launch of a program. Objectives include timing, technical support, both internally and externally. Ensures customer and Hudson requirements are met including cost, quality, timing, and other related aspects of programs. Manages technical activities and specifications to optimize project objectives.

Ensures customer satisfaction. Works with internal and external resources to maintain strong customer relationships with dedication to customer schedules. Ensures countermeasures are initiated to correct unfavorable variances by communicating alternative measures to the customer which may be used to solve engineering \ program problems.

Manages and maintains program activities per Hudson Program Management Check-List. Documents, leads, and maintains program objectives per Check List, open issues lists, and business reviews.

Identifies and guides order acquisition initiatives. Through intimate customer relationships, helps identify new program opportunities. Guides advanced development efforts in product concepts, product design, product costing, and customer marketing\ engineering presentations in support of new order acquisition opportunities.

Documents all responsibilities and /or activities in order to maintain accurate records of project accountabilities. Tracks, documents, and manages all program objectives through resources and support groups. Participates in continuous improvement efforts. Researches, recommends, and initiates implementation of enhancements to products, processes, programs, and systems.

Participates as a member of the Business Development Team. Participates in ongoing development, communication and implementation of team concepts, programs and policies. Coordinates work to ensure best practices with all team members. Attends appropriate team meetings. As a member of the Business Development Team, fosters strong cohesiveness regarding all major issues; e.g., direction, annual plan, budget, policy changes, etc. Accepts responsibility to quickly identify any areas of lack of cohesiveness, bringing them to the attention of the team leader and working with the team in a supportive manner to resolve issues effecting cohesiveness. Actively look for ways, and reinforce actions needed, to achieve synergy possible within the larger organization.

Performs other duties as necessary in support of business objectives. This position description is intended to guide the activities of the Program Manager. It is not intended to limit the thinking and creativity of the person to the work of this function. Nor is it intended that this describe all the work that may be required of the person in this position.


Educational RequirementsExperience Requirements
BS in Engineering or related technical area required Advanced degree (MBA/MS) preferredTechnical Experience: 3-5 years engineering or technical experience; 1-3 years program management experience

Industry Experience: 

Experience in a stamping deep draw manufacturing environment preferred

Technical Competencies – specifically related to this position
Technical Skills: Demonstrated ability to successfully manage complex technical programs. Understanding of Engineering, Analytical tools, Production Process and Tool Building.

Computer Skills: Working knowledge of computers and application software and understanding of CAD, FEA, spreadsheets, and word processing

Systems: Good understanding and working knowledge of integrated manufacturing systems

Project Management: Defines objectives; develops plans that are comprehensive, realistic, and effective in meeting goals; develops contingency plans; provides clear direction; monitors progress; follows up to ensure objectives are met; keeps others informed. Ability to manage multiple projects with overlapping development cycles.

Workflow Analysis: Ability to decompose high level functions into their functional pieces and then analyze the processes to determine how efficient the functions are being performed.

Hudson Operating systems principles and objectives (this competency appears in all job descriptions): Knows all Hudson established operating systems (e.g. quality, environmental). Understands the responsibility to maintain: familiarity, the systems and this position’s role in support of these systems – including a consideration of the impact of individual actions on the systems and the responsibility to communicate concerns and improvement ideas.

Cultural Expectations

Our Values – Common to all Hudson Positions
Earn Trust
Personally earn the trust of colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and your community – in every interaction.

  • Begin with trust, expecting people to act in good faith.
  • Be open, fair and honest
  • Honor commitments and be accountable to each other, adult-to adult

Learn by Doing
Have a bias toward action and look at every experience as a learning opportunity.

  • Be curious and continuously learn and grow
  • Seek out new challenges and take calculated risks
  • Lead by example and provide opportunities for others to learn

Work Together
Be a team player; place our shared fate above personal ambition.

  • Embrace a diversity of thinking and respect each person’s unique contribution
  • Create an environment free of fear, where healthy conflict leads to better solutions
  • Be open to the unknown and the possibility of being uncomfortable
  • Recognize others’ contributions to the team’s success

Steward our Legacy
Preserve the legacy of our founders while reinventing the business for the next generation.

  • Celebrate our shared heritage
  • Make a difference by creating something better than what you begin with
  • Invest in businesses, people, and communities for the long term
  • Take personal responsibility for health, safety, and our environment