Hudson Technologies has the engineering expertise, capacity and experience to help you design solid metal diaphragms.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – feasibility, design and testing
  • Engineering Design Assistance

Metallic diaphragms are thin circular plates which undergo elastic deformation when subjected to pressure or axial loading. Typical roles of a solid metal diaphragm are to:

  • Regulate pressure
  • Convert movement into measurable communication with equipment
  • Create a physical barrier between opposing forces in gas and liquids
  • Act as a membrane used to pump fluids
  • Serve as a predictable failure point to protect equipment from overpressure conditions
  • Provide reliable performance including:
    • Cycling for up to millions of strokes
    • Capable of working in extreme environments (temperature, corrosion, etc.)

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  • The first step to designing a solid metal diaphragm is to provide us with some information about your application and requirements. You may not have all the answers, yet – that’s okay!
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