What Does It Mean to Work with a Green Metal Manufacturer?
Hudson Technologies takes its commitment to the environment seriously. But what exactly does it mean to be a green metal manufacturer?

Hudson Technologies’ Aqueous Cleaning System
Our environmentally safer products are made using biodegradable lubricants and an aqueous cleaning system. No chlorinated lubricants or solvents are used to manufacture our products. Which means that our manufacturing process produces no hazardous waste. The majority of metal stamping companies today continue to use chlorinated lubricants and hazardous solvents. We have become a leader in green manufacturing – for our customers, our team members and the community.

Environmental Benefits of Green Metal Manufacturing
Aqueous cleaning systems are much more environmentally friendly to work with compared with solvent-based cleaning equipment and materials. And the water from the aqueous cleaning system is processed at Hudson Technologies before entering the local wastewater system. We work closely with the city to ensure we remain in strict compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines.

This is much safer for the environment than the chlorinated lubricants and hazardous solvents used in other companies’ processes.

How Does This Process Affect Deep Draw Metal Parts?
Using this aqueous cleaning system is not in and of itself a manufacturing process change. We’ve conducted testing with the alloys used to manufacture parts and worked through the process to ensure our parts will continue to meet the expectations of our clients. The lubricants are environmentally sound and compliant.

This technology has been a game changer for Hudson Technologies and we are proud to be fronting this environmentally friendly movement in our industry. If you have additional questions about our system or products, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.