Stability. It’s highly valued by governments, businesses and people alike. It brings peace and economic growth to countries as well as relationships.

Stability means steadiness, strength, firmness and safety – good things if you are leading a business (or a family).

At Hudson Technologies we invest significant time and effort seeking feedback from our customers, team members, and owners. We take their input seriously and look for ways to improve. We hear from our industry peers and government leaders, too, but when it comes to the community, we don’t always have such a clear picture.

Recently we were contacted by a student from a local community college working on a business writing class assignment to profile a local company. He wanted to learn more about us.

He was an articulate gentleman, a person with career experience now working on a 4-year degree.

We set up a visit and took him through an overview of our business and a plant tour. Near the end of the meeting, after all his questions had been answered, I asked one of my own.

“I’m curious, why did you select Hudson Technologies for your assignment?”

Without hesitating he said, “Because you are always there.”

When I first heard this I wasn’t sure what to think. Was it a compliment?

He went on to explain that he has driven by Hudson Technologies many times on his way to work and school. He notices that it always seems busy – delivery trucks coming and going; a parking lot full of cars. He sees positive stories in local business news about the company and its team members are quoted on important issues. When Hudson is mentioned by neighbors and colleagues, they often say ‘I hear it’s a good place to work.’

“You are always there,” he said, “and now I know why.”

Founded in 1940, Hudson Technologies has been in business for seven decades. It has certainly seen its share of challenges during that time but through it all it has remained a stable, positive presence in the community and a reliable supplier to its customers. It has maintained the confidence of its team members and owners.

Stability can mean different things, but it does not necessarily mean resistant to change. While we will always honor the achievements of the past, we also want to make things better for future generations.

Change for the right reasons insures continued stability into the future. A company can’t be successful for over 70 years without continually improving and evolving. Change can drive stability.

We will continue to do our best to ‘always be there’ – for our customers, team members, suppliers, owners, and yes, the community.

Is your business ‘always there’?

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