At Hudson Technologies, we are an industry-leading manufacturer of custom deep drawn metal parts and products. Equipped with decades of manufacturing experience and a broad range of standard and custom production capabilities, our team creates stampings for applications requiring precise, complex, and/or high-performance components. We accommodate customer projects involving a variety of metals (e.g., aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, cold rolled steel, etc.) and prototype to high-volume production quantities. press with die set

Metal stamping is a metalworking process that employs a tool and die set within a stamping press to form metal into the desired shape. Deep drawing is a metal stamping technique that “draws” (i.e., pulls) the workpiece material into the die cavity during operations, resulting in a part whose depth equals or exceeds its width. Compared to other forming processes, it allows for the creation of seamless and lightweight parts without sacrificing strength or structural stability. However, successfully producing these parts necessitates having the proper manufacturing experience, production capabilities and capacities, and certifications.

The following article outlines the qualities to look for when choosing a metal stamping and drawing supplier and how Hudson Technologies is the ideal partner.

Commitment to Quality

While cost is an important consideration when vetting potential deep drawn stamping suppliers, there are many other factors to keep in mind to ensure you receive the greatest value from your chosen manufacturing partner. One of the primary ones is the company’s commitment to quality—i.e., what measures they take to ensure the parts and products they produce meet high quality standards. This can encompass a variety of aspects of a company, such as:Production & Employee Quality

  • Material quality. The ideal deep drawn stamping supplier should invest in the highest quality materials for the production of the desired parts and products, regardless of whether you require aluminum, brass, copper, HY-MU 80, nickel, stainless steel, steel, titanium, or another specialty material.
  • Product quality. Your partner should maintain a comprehensive quality control program to ensure every product fully meets your specifications and standards before it is packaged and shipped to your facility.
  • Employee quality. The manufacturing partner you choose should have the knowledge skills to accommodate your exact part/product requirements, which necessitates employing designers, engineers, and machine operators who have the proper experience and workmanship.

Choosing a partner that emphasizes quality in everything they do—such as Hudson Technologies—ensures the quality of your products and business.

Production Capabilities & Capacity

As indicated above, the manufacturing partner you select should be able to accommodate your part and production requirements, meaning they should have the stamping capabilities and capacities to produce the designs you require to the specifications and standards you require in the volumes you require. Some of the qualities indicative of such a company include:

  • Comprehensive standard product catalog. A sizable standard product catalog saves you time and money, as you are less likely to require investment in custom tooling.
  • Extensive industry experience. An experienced team is more effective and efficient at tackling any challenges that may arise during the project.
  • Vast material sourcing network. A big sourcing network makes it easier to source any materials required for the project.
  • Broad flexibility. A flexible stamping partner is better able to accommodate changes in the part design, customer demand, and more. In addition to their standard product capabilities, they may offer custom solutions for highly specific or unique requirements.
  • Fast response time. A responsive partner ensures the initial consultation and all other communications occur swiftly and smoothly.

Industry Certifications

In addition to their experience, another indicator of a quality stamping partner is their certifications. Certifications indicate a company complies with the requirements and restrictions set forth by the industry and industry organizations. For stamping operations, the relevant certifications include: Industry Certifications

  • Quality Standards. This certification targets companies that create products or provide services for the aerospace industry. It indicates, among other things, a company implements sufficient measures to prevent the production of flawed or faked parts, maintain flexibility in the face of fluctuating demands, and address safety concerns.

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At Hudson Technologies, we are the ideal partner for any deep draw metal stamping project. By choosing us, you benefit from our complete commitment to quality, comprehensive production capabilities and capacities, and numerous industry certifications. To learn more about our metal stamping solutions or partner with us, contact us or request a quote today.

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