Hudson Technologies – a leader in deep drawn metal enclosures, stampings, and cases for the past 75 years – recently invested in a Platarg Transfer Press as part of our continuing efforts to provide our customers with the latest in state-of-the-art technology and solutions.

Options for Deep-Drawing at Hudson

To shape a deep-drawn part in a press, the process requires multiple forming procedures. Occasionally, deep-drawn parts necessitate annealing, a process that involves heating and quenching, to render materials more malleable. The process encourages the hardening of the metal, and, in some cases, can be excluded if a multi-operation, automated type of press is being used.

Hudson now offers three possibilities for deep-drawing as part of our standard service offering. To discover which option is best for your design or application, please contact our team.

Option #1: Single Stage Press Forming

Single stage press forming allows one part to be manufactured, then relocated to a different press to undergo further formations. Materials may need to be annealed, heated and cooled, several times to complete parts made in this manner.

Option #2: Progressive Die Press

Progressive die stamping forms a process across several phases, with each station conducting a different metal forming step on the part until it is completed. Once the part is finished, it is cut from the metal strip.

Option #3: Platarg Transfer Press

Both progressive die presses and transfer presses transform a flat metal to a completed part over the course of a series of metal forming operations within the same press. However, transfer presses separate the part from the strip of metal in the first process, then automatically transfer the part to the next sequential step until the final part is completed. Because of its speed and efficiency, our transfer press is well-suited for higher volume orders.

Platarg Transfer Press

The largest transfer press at Hudson, the Platarg economically manufactures greater quantities of parts at a higher speed. With 13 ten-ton stations, this mechanical press possesses the ability to generate parts up to 4.125 inches deep with a diameter of up to 1.625 inches. This revolutionary machine allows Hudson to offer even more capacity and faster, more efficient production runs for our customers.

Hudson Technologies, the foremost U.S. manufacturer of deep drawn metal products, is dedicated to presenting our clients with the best opportunities available. To learn more about our Platarg Transfer Press, download our transfer press eBook today.

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