Medical devices and their components need unquestionable quality and reliability due to the importance of each individual part. For this reason, the deep drawn process is one of the only trusted manufacturing methods because of its extreme level of quality and assurance when dealing with the creation of such small and delicate components.

5 Deep Drawn Metal Medical Component Examples
Deep drawn components have a wide range of applications in the medical field. Here are a few examples:

  • Housing and casing components for cardio, neuro, cochlear and other
  • implantable medical devices
  • Shields and half-shells
  • Battery cases
  • Capacitor components
  • Stamped and machined lids, covers and headers

These applications can be used in many different types of components in the medical field. The manufacturing of deep drawn components allows metallic creations of different metal types to be utilized as required by medical professionals, ensuring high quality, well engineered and designed parts that resist infection, corrosion and maintain the necessary characteristics prior to, during and post implantation.

One of the most important aspects of the usefulness of deep drawn metal components in the medical field is that the quality of the device or component meets the standards in design, engineering and overall quality. For this, you need a company that is experienced in this field and is dedicated to producing these quality parts. With more than 40 years of implantable medical device stamping experience, Hudson Technologies works with many of the industry’s leading medical device manufacturers.

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